Our dog Teddy had his first wash and brush up. Well, it took three hours for Manuela to comb through every part of him, shower, shampoo and condition him, and then dry him with the hair dryer before a final comb through. Teddy can look forward to another grooming in May before our guests at


I often stand on the little bridge at the end of our lane mesmerised by the Corsonna river. In summer, it is nothing more than a rivulet, where the sunlight peeping between the branches of the overhanging trees, sends silver darts into the water dancing among the rocks. Our guests at Art Toscana, painting holidays

An Art Toscana Cooking Lesson with Mari

Here are Steve and Chris, two of our American guests, who came with their painting partners to one of our Art Toscana painting holidays in Italy courses. Yes they are wearing aprons because Mari is giving them a cookery lesson. I did intend not to talk about food in this blog but one can’t seem

Caffe Lucchesi

At Caffe Lucchesi you are served the best coffee in Barga together with the best choice of buns and cakes. For every week of our Art Toscana painting holidays in Italy, Signore Lucchesi makes the mignons and chocolate cakes for our guests which are particularly exquisite. If our Art Toscana guests don’t go to Lucca