Available Materials

The art courses are personally tailored to suit you, however the materials have a profound effect on the quality of work and aid experimentation. Studio equipment, drawing boards, field easels, canvass, stools and sketchbooks are provided for you in the price of the holiday. Please feel free to bring with you materials you are familiar with, however all materials are included in the price of the art holiday.

art courses in Italy

These materials are available for you:

painting courses in Italy

Conte crayons
White chalk
Oil pastels
Acrylic paint
2B-6B pencils
Graphite sticks
Indian ink
Dip pens

Dip pens
A1 cartridge
A1 size water colour paper
masking tape
Oil paint
Water colours (tablet and tube)

Here is a list of items which you could bring with you:

Natural sponge
2B pencil
Soft putty rubber
Mixing palette
Bag to carry materials
Your preferred paints

Water colour pencils
An old shirt or apron
Camera or digital camera
Sun hat
Sun cream
Waterproof jacket

art in Italy

“the wide range of materials made available as a matter of course to all students was exceptional and very important to the development of individuals’ work.”

Stuart Fisher