Guest Testimonials

My second holiday at Val di Pozza and everything has been as perfect; if not better. The combination of great locations, facilities, materials, food, wine, fellowship, weather, wine ensures the best art holiday I have ever enjoyed – and I’ve been on a lot of art holidays.

There are very few ‘teachers’ in the world. Chris – you are one of those ‘very few’. What a fantastic skill you have in enabling our courage and confidence in such a non-judgemental way. Thank you for the gift you have, to both you and Krysia and for sharing your home so generously.

Thank you for a stimulating time, exploring directions not familiar to me. I particularly appreciated the real enthusiasm and commitment to art – so far from just dabbling in painting – an unusual attribute in painting holidays. Plus lovely food, hospitality, in a great setting.

Wonderful week – I think it has made me discover what my style really is! You’ve made me also consider aspects of my practice that should not be neglected. Your reflections of light and shade have not fallen on deaf ears. Thank you both for an experience that was without fault – a rare commodity these days.

Dear Chris, dear Krysia,
It is not only the wonderful care you take of us, the food, scenery etc. It is also the happiness you create that makes here such a very special place. Third time here – surely that says it all.


Just one word, excellent.

Firstly, from the art side I expected to be exposed to new thoughts and ideas but I never expected to have the boundaries pushed so far! I also did not expect to take home any pictures let alone anything that I was pleased with. Christopher, your wealth of knowledge and eagerness to share it, is amazing. And now I come to the other side of the stay; it is quite wonderful the way you have both opened up your home to us and made us feel that we belong. This warmth means more to me than I can ever say and no ‘thank you’ would be sufficient.

IMAGINE – I incredible hosts, M many artistic styles to learn, A atmosphere very conducive to creativity, G genuine guests, I interesting conversation, N never wear orange, E exciting, enthusiastic & eating!

Simply fantastic – thank you Chris and Krysia for sharing your beautiful home with us. It has been a wonderful experience and a really magical holiday which we hope to repeat soon.
Mike and Kathy

Perched on a hill in Barga sits a house named ‘La Toscana’ Come paint with Chris and dine with Krysia and live happy ever after.


Dear Chris & Krysia,
We have had a wonderful week. Thank you for welcoming us into your beautiful home and sharing it with us. You really are the perfect hosts and we hope to be able to return very soon- if you’ll have us! This is not goodbye – just ciao for now!

Angela & Steve

In the words of Tina Turner – ‘SIMPLY THE BEST’

Bella – a great week and such a lovely way to experience Italy- new friends- great food- making art perfecto!
Steve and Sally

I met Chris and thought what a cool guy …… then I found out what he did and decided to come and spend a week painting with some friends. It’s been a revelation. If you want to learn loads about yourself, you’re painting style and hang out with a bunch of interesting characters, this is the week for you. Krysia thanks for your fantastic hospitality, charm & lots of wine.

Dear Chris & Krysia.
Thank you so much for a wonderful time. It has been so lovely to see you again in your beautiful home.

Becca & Jessica

How amazing to book this holiday thro’ the back pages of the ‘Leisure Painter’ and thro’ that to come across two such empathetic & inspirational people who can welcome all and sundry to their wonderful home and share it so totally with us all. There is nothing that could have made it better.
Grant & Kathy

Thank you very much Chris & Krysia for your generous hospitality. The painting ‘journey’ was amazing and much will be drawn from it in the future. Everything was perfect.

Simon & Zillah enjoyed a holiday packed with interest and great company. A painting holiday not surpassed anywhere. Thank you.
Simon & Zillah

If you would like to speak to someone who has been on one of our holidays please let us know and we will put you in contact with them.