To Chris and Krysia,

What a perfect painting holiday. You’ve spoiled us completely taking away every care in the world leaving us completely free to focus on our painting.

It is a real privilege to learn from you Chris, to have such an inspirational teacher. Thanks you for being so generous with your time and for being so ‘patient’.

I really enjoyed the company, great locations and delicious food. Thank you both for all the thought and care and beauty you put into the holiday.

loads of love, Niki x

Chris & Krysia,

What can I say? I have really enjoyed all aspects of the course. The hotel and the tutoring have been fab and the organisation has been phenomenal. Thank you so much for guiding me out of my comfort zone and encouraging me in exploring a new medium!

Thank you, Kelly

Dear Chris and Krysia,

I don’t kow how to begin to tell you how much I have enjoyed this week. This holiday was a last minute rush of blood to the head decision, which has been an excellent one!

I had not painted for two years but Chris was so positive and encouraging that I feel newly inspired.

Thank you so much. I will certainly be back either to Tuscany or Sicily.

Love Freda

To Chris and Krysia,

What a wonderful experience! To Chris’ talent and Krysia’s wonderful organisational efforts. Too bad about the thunder storms but what amazing sound effects. I am so happy that our daughter could share in such a creative experience.

Chris’ helpful demos and critical expertise was most welcome. I know I didn’t always respond with exuberance but i have taken in all the instruction and encouragement to heart. Thank you so much, Chris. Ian and I always appreciate his inclusion and participation. I am passing all the info. to many people who are involved in the thrivng art community in our area.

Thank you so much for everything! Ian and Carolyn.