Walking in the Zingaro Nature Reserve
The Zingaro Nature Reserve is a 10 min walk from Scopello. It is one of the most admired nature gems in Sicily. A footpath runs the whole length of the reserve, along the cliffs covered in genista, olive, holm oak and many rare flora. The absence of traffic creates a special tranquillity, almost silent, but for the sound of the waves and the cry of a passing sea bird.

Water Sports
The Cetaria Diving Centre offers guided diving trips, scuba diving and boat excursions.

The Salt Marshes of Trapani
Set in a landscape rich in history with unique natural features and colours, the Ettore and Infersa Salt Works are an integral part of the tradition of this land where salt has always been a valuable resource. Take a guided tour of the Ettore with its windmill and salt museum.

The Island of Mozia
The tiny island of Mozia, close to the Trapani salt marshes, was an important colony of Carthage. It is quite rare and exciting to see such extensive Carthagian ruins in Italy and so much evidence of Phoenician culture.The island is reached by a 10 min boat trip. Not all the visitors to Mozia are consumed with information boards and archaeological remains, you can just go there for a pleasant afternoon out. Footpaths lead around the island’s shore and across the interior, passing on-going excavation sites.
The museum’s highlights include terracotta masks and funeral stele.

Day Trips and Short trips
If you would like to explore more of the local area or some other parts of Sicily, tours from the hotel can be arranged to:
The temples and archaeological sites of Segesta & Erice
The wonders of Palermo and the magnificent Monreale Cathedral
Etna & Taormina
The Turkish steps and Valley of the Temples

Wine Tasting
If you would lie to taste the wines of Alcamo, there is a 3 hour wine tasting experience with lunch and vineyard tour to savour the red Nero d’avola, the white Catarratto and other typical wines of the region.

Vincenzo Florio was the first Italian producer of Marsala. The Florio Winery in Marsala
is famous for its high-quality Marsala and other fortified wines. The winery offers a tour of the vineyards and cellars finishing with a wine tasting which they say ‘will do more than just hold your attention’