I congratulate you, Chris and Tony on a wonderfully creative week and thank you for pushing me to take risks …challenging but worth every minute. Art Toscana – simply great.

Environment, atmosphere, history, hospitality; all 100%. Thanks Chris, Krysia, Tony. I look forward to meeting you all again soon.

Despite having been to Venice previously, this wonderful painting experience enhanced my understanding and appreciation of this unique city. I can’t imagine a better time, aand to top it all, I am going home with a very special painting thanks ti Christopher’s constant help and patience. Thank you Chris and Krysia for making this possible.

You are the best. Thanks for your guidance and hope to spend more days with you both next time.

Wonderful architecture, shapely windows and doors alongside dark canals and open squares. No cats! No bicycles! Strolling people. A great haven. And somehow we produced fabulous sketches and impressions and paintings…… great food too.

Thank you so much. I can’t believe I’ve been here in Venice for the past week. It’s been amazing! Great company and painting locations.

Tony, your practice, encouragement, gentle suggestion is amazing. Chris, the storm around you destroys only to create in less than 7 days, a world I never thought was possible. I have realised how little I truly know but at the same time I am awestruck by the possibilities of what may come next. Thank you both for one of the most frustrating and yet invigorating experiences of my life. Makes me look forward to so much more. Beata.

Every day was daunting, experiencing something I have never done! Tony and Chris,
thank you so much for walking me off the edge daily. Your dedication, patience and passion for teaching is so much appreciated. I have a whole new perspective for the rest of my life.

As ever, a lovely creative and challenging week. Strangely, enough words fail me. What can I say? Brilliant. Just loved Venice. Rona.

Thanks for the most wonderful, exciting creative week. Love and best wishes Bridget & David and I have NEVER painted before and not drawn since 1970. I’m ignited Thank you.. And Hey we learnt to draw!

Chris, Krysia & Tony, Thank you for your patience, expertise and good company. Another great week, lots of challenges and encouragement. Venice is so picturesque and you have shown us some lovely parts of it. Thanks for the research and execution.

What more could I ask? Dealing with risk, taking fear, anxiety, judgement, excitement, discovery, breaking habits, loving uncertainty ,mmmmm more please.

Dear Chris & Krysia & Tony, Thank you so much for arranging such a wonderful week. Great to see you again. Lovely group of people