I would like to say how much I have enjoyed the art classes that you have taught over the past few months.  The atmosphere within the group was both relaxed and sharing, very easy to work with
I think the course  saved my sanity during lockdown, giving me focus and interest to begin drawing again at a point when I had literally stopped.
The major part of the course is the way you teach it and gain the respect of all of the learners by making the lesson fun.  (I prefer to call us students )
So I have to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to take part,  I hope the course its going to continue for a little while yet. 

I am so enjoying these wonderful courses and you give me a new belief in myself with your encouragement and help, Chris.  I am really enthusiastic about making a huge painting out of many small ones, achieving a panoramic view over a wide area.  A totally new concept for me and very exciting.  The drawings on Facebook and email are truly inspirational.  

On a positive note, I have really enjoyed the course! I have learnt so much and although I am still very much a beginner, it has been wonderful being in the company of such talented artists. Listening to your critiques and their comments on their work and how they tackled each project has been an education. You have planned each lesson so carefully – learning about proportion and perspective and how to draw properly has helped me enormously and in between, you have given me all the help I needed. I’d like to sign up for some more lessons if you are planning some more! It’s all been a Godsend in lockdown! Thank you so much! 

I came to Art late in life when I started to go on Art Holidays. Among those was Chris Bell who enthused me greatly. 
During those years my one regret was that I had never gone to an Art college but I continued to thoroughly enjoy my Holidays with Chris in Italy.
Corona Virus has caused much disruption to most peoples lives with very few plusses. 
Chris’s current Course has been a major plus for me. Quite simply I now feel as though I have experienced much of that which I would have experienced on an Art course at College.
His Course has opened my mind to so many new aspects of Art in a thorough, organised and challenging fashion.
It has also been so enjoyable.
I hope that there is much more to come in the future.
Thank you Chris

Chris Bell is an extremely accomplished artist and I am most grateful to him for sharing his expertise and ways of working with us.  Moreover I find that his delivery which is blended with concision and a sprinkling of humour give the course a thoroughly enjoyable yet enlightening flavour.

“I am loving our Zoom Art Bootcamp classes, which scare, challenge and excite me all at once! I am learning so much from Chris – and from my fellow students – about technique, genre, materials, history, life, looking, seeing, MEASURING, being “the sun”, more measuring, experiencing, capturing energy, taking risks, the geometry in all things … and about myself. An enormous gift. Chris’s feedback is always considered, suggested, honest and generous. I feel that my work has grown in confidence, pace and adventure as a result of the course. I will always be grateful to Chris.”