The small town of Barga is situated 3 kilometres from Val di Pozza, in the Serchio Valley. It is characterized by narrow, unspoilt streets and squares which still breathe a mediaeval atmosphere. Steeped in history, it is a centre for literary and cultural activities with international jazz and opera festivals in the spring and summer. The town is entered by two main gateways set in the ancient walls, the Porta Manchianella and the Porta Reale. There are many beautiful churches to see, but the most spectacular is the Ninth-Century cathedral which stands at the town’s highest point and is fronted by a terrace offering a huge panoramic view of roof tops, hills and mountains; one of the most beautiful landscapes in the Garfagnana. Barga also has tennis courts, a swimming pool set beneath the hilltop village of Sommocolonia, a cinema, and numerous bars and restaurants.



Barga has its own theatre, the ‘Teatra Differenti’ which presents opera, concerts and drama. OPERA BARGA comes to town in July



In August, the internationally renowned Barga Jazz Festival hosts bands and emsembles which perform in the town’s piazzas and bars, and also in the ‘Teatra Differenti’



There are several art galleries and artists’ studios dotted throughout the town, and many cafes and bars celebrate the work of local artists. The Scottish artist, John Bellany, has a permanent exhibition in the Galleria Angelio.



The Garfagnana region of Northern Tuscany is well known to hikers. Walks can be taken directly from the house – short woodland strolls through the chestnut forest and longer walks to Ponte di Catagnana, Barga and the hilltop village of Sommocolonia.



Lucca is 35 minutes by train from Barga. Surrounded by four kilometres of walls, which are public walkways. Lucca has over one hundred churches and probably as many palaces. Its narrow streets lead into grand piazzas. Lucca’s architecture ranges from the most severe Romanesque to sumptuous Renaissance styles; the cathedral is a masterpiece of Roman art. The main shopping street, Via Fillungo, is a place for meeting, chatting and posing!



Florence is one and a half hours by train from Barga, changing at Lucca. Florence is a city-sized shrine to the Renaissance. Its churches, museum and galleries catalogue an epoch that shaped history and produced some of the world’s greatest works of art.



The marble quarries at Colonnata, five miles from Carrera, are some of the most startling sites in Tuscany. Local folklore records Michelangelo’s pilgrimages to distant corners of the mountains in search of the perfect stone.



During your stay you will be introduced to the local red wines by our wine expert Roy. Learn something about wine production whilst savouring and comparing the local chianti.


“My sixth time here – surely that says it all ! Thank you so much.”

Freda Stevenson